Jeanette Swensson

Mazurka på sengekanten (1970, Comedy, Erotica, John Hilbard, Ole Søltoft, Axel Strøbye)

Mazurka på sengekanten (1970)

Max (Søltoft) is a popular teacher at a public school who needs a new schoolmaster. In an effort to entice him to take the vacated position, the boys hire a stripper to seduce the sexually inexperienced scholar. The wife and daughter of the former headmaster also wish to tutor the teacher in their own private lessons in human sexuality

Year: 1970
Genre: Comedy, Erotica
Country: Denmark
Director: John Hilbard
Starring: Ole Søltoft, Axel Strøbye, Annie Birgit Garde, Paul Hagen, Karl Stegger, Birte Tove, Anne Grete Nissen, Christoffer Bro, Joen Bille, Carsten Brandt, Freddie Andersen, Steen Frøhne, Claus Hesselberg, Susanne Jagd, Jeanette Swensson
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Daddy, Darling (1970, Drama, Erotica, Joseph W. Sarno, Helli Louise, Gio Petre, Ole Wisborg)

Daddy, Darling (1970)

A young Danish girl (Helli Louise) seduces everything in sight after daddy (Ole Wisborg) refuses her naughty come-ons. She’ll have a lesbian affair with her teacher, pretend that her …

Year: 1970
Genre: Drama, Erotica
Country: Denmark, USA
Director: Joseph W. Sarno
Starring: Helli Louise, Gio Petre, Ole Wisborg, Lise Henningsen, Lise Thomsen, Tove Maes, Kyo Feza, Inger Gleerup, Jeanette Swensson
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