Frej Lindqvist

Dog Days / Rötmånad (1970, Erotica, Comedy, Jan Halldoff, Ulla Sjoblom, Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt, Christina Lindberg)

Dog Days (1970)

Also Knwon As:
Rötmånad (1970)

Somewhere in the archipelago outside Sandhamn lives the barber Assar Gustafsson and his 17-year old daughter Anna-Bella. Out of the blue his wife comes back after five years of absence. She starts up a brothel in their bath house with the girl as the main attraction, a brothel that attracts various men from all over. The browbeaten Assar starts to make arrangements for his wife’s permanent absence.

Year: 1970
Genre: Erotica, Comedy
Country: Sweden
Director: Jan Halldoff
Starring: Ulla Sjoblom, Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt, Christina Lindberg, Ernst Gunther, Ludde, Eddie Axberg, Jan Blomberg, Bo Halldoff, Frej Lindqvist
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