Provocazione (1988, Drama, Erotica, Piero Vivarelli, Moana Pozzi, Petra Scharbach, Hula)

Provocazione (1988)

Also Known As:
Summer Temptations (1988)
Erotic Games (1988)

In a villa on an island (St. Peter) a little out of season, inhabit Vanessa, a young widow, and stepdaughters Kikki and alive. Vanessa had married their father above all because it was very rich. After her husband’s death, Vanessa decided to keep him Alive and Kikki and also call Roberto, her former lover, now a professor with the aim of preparing the two girls to the maturity examination. Shortly after his arrival, he establishes an atmosphere heavy with half-empty Island the villa that seems almost a luxury prison do understand immediately that the stepmother and stepdaughters will hate and despise each other.

Year: 1988
Genre: Drama, Erotica
Country: Italy
Director: Piero Vivarelli
Starring: Moana Pozzi, Petra Scharbach, Hula, Marino Mase, Alessandro Vivarelli, Oliviero Vivarelli
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