Prenom Carmen (1983, Comedy, Crime, Drama, Erotica, Jean-Luc Godard, Maruschka Detmers, Jacques Bonnaffe, Myriem Roussel)

Prenom Carmen (1983)

Carmen is a member of a terrorist gang who falls in love with a young police officer guarding a bank that she and her cohorts try to rob. She leads him on while dragging the two of them closer to their ultimate doom. Jean-Luc Godard intercuts the film with shots of a string quartet practicing Beethoven, and his main protagonist, Carmen, is played by Maruschka Detmers creating a stunning effect in many scenes of extended nudity.

Year: 1983
Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Erotica
Country: France
Director: Jean-Luc Godard
Starring: Maruschka Detmers, Jacques Bonnaffe, Myriem Roussel, Christophe Odent, Pierre-Alain Chapuis, Bertrand Liebert, Alain Bastien-Thiry, Hippolyte Girardot, Odile Roire, Valerie Dreville, Christine Pignet, Jean-Michel Denis, Jacques Villeret, Jacques Prat, Laurent Dangalec
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La chiave / The Key (1983, Drama, Romance, Erotica, Tinto Brass, Stefania Sandrelli, Frank Finlay, Franco Branciaroli, Barbara Cupisti)

La chiave (1983)

Also Known As:
The Key (1983)

A husband and wife lock their diaries in a drawer and also know that they read each other’s entries, a device which takes them from one sexual encounter to another.

Year: 1983
Genre: Drama, Romance, Erotica
Country: Italy
Director: Tinto Brass
Starring: Stefania Sandrelli, Frank Finlay, Franco Branciaroli, Barbara Cupisti, Maria Grazia Bon, Piero Bortoluzzi, Gino Cavalieri, Irma Veithen, Milly Corinaldi, Giovanni Michelagnoli, Armando Marra, Eolo Capritti, Maria Pia Colonnello, Edgardo Fugagnoli, Luciano Gasper
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